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My career as a professional recording engineer started in 1987.

I left Berklee College of Music in 1984 and played in several local bands around the Boston area. I started a small studio in my basement in 1984 and after three years, I decided to open a commercial recording studio and make recording my full time job to leave the small club and Hotel touring circuit.

My first studio, Midi Plus Recording, started as an analog 8 track reel to reel studio. As my client list quickly grew, I upgraded to 24 Track analog reel to reel in 1990.

I outgrew that space and moved to Rhode Island for a few years. After the Rhode Island spot, I needed a larger studio, so with the advent of digital recording I rebranded as Digital Wave Recording, and moved to Fall River, Massachusetts. It was at this studio I added video production and editing to my list of services.

In 2010 I moved to Cabo Verde and played as a freelance musician for a few years, and took a break from recording. It was time to go back to being a live performer.

I enjoyed performing with all of the top artists of Cabo Verde music, I started my own band ("Banda XL") and toured the many tropical islands of Cabo Verde. We also toured Europe from time to time to play festivals and concerts.

I opened my studio "XL Produções" in Praia, Cabo Verde a few years later, and recorded with many of the top Artists of Cabo Verde and Portugal.

While living in Cabo Verde (11 years) I would often return to the United States for various recording and mixing projects in many of my clients studios. I came back to USA on January 24, 2020 to do a few recording projects and was slated to return to Cabo Verde March 24, 2020. the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to that trip, forcing me to stay here in the United States, as all travel worldwide was shut down.

The music industry in Cabo Verde ( as well as the rest of the world) was virtually stopped. As the months of COVID went on, I decided to close my studio in Cabo Verde and relocate BACK to the United States to wait out the pandemic. I remained in the USA, in the Boston Area, and currently work at several studios, as well as my own home studio, where I record, mix, and master. My live touring schedule and live sound mixing work has made me decide not to open a commercial studio as I had many years before. I always have great studios to work at, as well as having top notch portable gear to record virtually anywhere.

to listen to examples of my work

go to my AUDIO EXAMPLES page.